What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to health and vitality, with instant and long-lasting results.

It combines ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western physiological healing sciences and it is now one of the world’s fastest growing natural therapies.

It was created in the 1960’s by Dr Goodheart (Chiropactor) in America. He discovered that each muscle was related to an energy circuit and each circuit was connected to an organ, a gland or a meridian. Kinesiology involves muscle monitoring to access your sub-conscious, assess and correct imbalances of energy within the physical, emotional and mental systems of the body.

Your body lets you know when your energy is out of balance by giving you physical signs like :

  • Depression, Grief, Relationship issues, Achieving goals,

  • Fears, Phobias, Stress management,

  • Achieving goals, Self esteem, Self awareness,

  • Adrenal fatigue, Muscular pain, Back pain, Candida,

  • Hormonal imbalances including menopausal hot flushes.

Kinesiology uses different non-invasive techniques to release energy blockages and allow the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and wellbeing.

Gentle but powerful correction methods used includes meridian and acupressure stimulation, sound healing, flower essences, positive affirmation, chakra healing, and aura healing. They are based on the Chinese philosophy and knowledge of the 5 elements and the flow of energy in the meridians.

Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice. Everyone can benefit from Kinesiology, from the unwell to the very fit. Adults, children, men and women use it to improve performance in many areas of their life such as education, business, finance, relationships, coping with life in general. Kinesiology allows you to take charge of the way you relate to the past, your present circumstances and the future. Kinesiology will make a profound change in your life.

What is muscle monitoring?

The human nervous system is designed to self-regulate and adapts to change.

When we cannot adapt efficiently, the muscles will reflect the stress in the central nervous system. This stress creates specific muscle patterns that the Kinesiologist can assess using muscle monitoring.

The easiest way to understand this process is to think of the signals between the brain and the body as feedback loops. As the brain adapts to the changes in the muscle systems, the muscles send signals to alert the brain that the changes have taken place. Muscle monitoring indicates a wide variety of possible causes of imbalances in a person’s overall wellbeing.

What are crystals?

Crystals, also called gem stones, are a gift of Mother Nature and they were created over millions of years ago. They are amazing and each of them holds its own unique vibration and properties.

They are amazing tools, energy generators, memory holders and they have been used by humans for over 38,ooo years. More and more people are drawn to crystals for personal use and wellbeing. My children are surrounded by crystals and they always find healing, refuge and comfort in them at difficult times. My son has his favourite ones tucked under his pillow.

Crystals have many uses. They are used in watches, computers, lasers, radios, sandpaper, soap, prisms, glass, paints and clocks. Crystals can be carried around with us as jewellery, key rings or small tumbled stones in our pockets, purses, bags or for women even in our bras.  Some are calming, some provide protection against electromagnetic smog or negative energy, some have a gentle and loving vibration and make us feel calm.

When you wear crystal jewellery or when you carry your tumbled stones, always trust and follow your intuition. Choose intuitively by feel or colour… you will always pick what’s right for you. There is a famous quote that I like and says it this way: “You don’t choose a crystal, the crystal chooses you”.

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