It has been on my mind for a while to talk about colours.

Colours are everywhere, in our homes, in nature, in our closet and of course in our food ! They are vibrant and powerful.

Colours can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, situations or even places. They can define our mood, they can also create a specific aura or energy in the atmosphere.

Colours have also been used for thousands of years for healing in many ways: crystals, essential oils, candles, jewellery, visualisation, meditation as well as working with flowers and plants.

In my practice, I use crystals, colours or essential oils when working with an emotion. Children are specifically receptive to crystals and it helps them to stay focused during the session.

Use this colour guide when you are choosing flowers and crystals for healing:

White promotes healing of the body, the mind and the spirit at all levels; white light is a natural pain reliever, increasing and then maintaining energy levels and relieving depression and inertia. It helps bone and tooth maintenance . It dispels negativity from the body’s energy field. It softens, moisturises and revitalises the skin. White represents integrity, light, holiness, truth and surrender.

Red stimulates the entire system, instantly boosting energy levels and kick starting a sluggish immune system. Red is linked to reproduction and fertility and relieves menstrual problems, sexual dysfunction especially impotence. It draws money, new opportunities, and prosperity into your life. Red helps you lose weight, increase your sex drive, rejuvenates your body, and restore physical vitality.

Orange is a gentle energiser, soothing aching limbs, boosting a weak pulse rate, relieving gall bladder and kidney problems, menstrual and muscle cramps, allergies, infertility problems and lifts exhaustion. Orange is also used to strengthen the immune system. It’s heals unhealthy emotions because it has the ability to bring them to the surface for clearing. It also assists in treating fear, loneliness, and depression. When a person has an intense attraction to orange, it can indicate a shock or trauma that is keeping them from moving forward or being in the present.

Yellow stimulates the nervous system but also calms the digestive system and eases eczema and skin problems; it promotes a healthy metabolism; reduces anxiety and stress-related ailments that may affect the digestive system adversely. Bright, sunny, joyful, fun, abundant, fertile, and refreshing, it’s the colour of the intellect and is used for mental stimulation. Yellow is excellent for decision making, and it boosts memory, self-expression and creativity. It can help you let go of negative patterns from the past, dissolve pessimism, and improve self-esteem.

Green (Greenery or flowers with unopened buds) strengthens the heart, lungs and respiratory system and helps to fight infections and viruses. It also counters panic attacks and addictions; good also for the re-growth of tissue and cells. Green helps overcome fear, calm the body, and release frustration and anger. It helps in making wise decisions and choices. Green is good to relax, meditate, and heal, it replenishes energy.

Blue is a natural antiseptic, soothing and cooling, lower blood pressure and slowing a racing pulse. It relieves headaches and migraines, eye strain, earache and sore throats. It creates a sense of tranquility, serenity, and peace by soothing the mind. Blue calms nerves, destroys infections, and purifies your aura. It can lead people to their truth and connection with the Divine. It’s a colour of patience, faith, acceptance, forgiveness, and independence. Blue is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting.

Purple is especially potent for healing the spirit, banishing what lies in the past. An all-healer, purple relieves allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, eye, ear, nose and skin problems and migraines and is a natural sedative. It eases neuroses and obsessions and can aid in childbirth. Purple clears mental complexes and brings out leadership qualities. It creates a connection between mind, body, and soul, and brings hope and success into your life.

Pink brings relief from ear and gland problems, head pains and psychosomatic illnesses, as well as all disorders relating to children and babies. It is especially good for adolescent girls, pregnant and menopausal women. Pink is the energy of unconditional love. It opens the heart and helps it heal through its unique ability to release emotional problems, and bring self-acceptance and tranquility. It also helps with insomnia and the manifestation of dreams. Pink is the colour of compassion, affection, warmth, friendliness, kindness, gratitude, generosity, strength and nourishment.

Brown absorbs pain and sorrow, increases physical energy and primal strength, relieves disorders connected with feet, the legs, the hands, the skeleton, all back pain and also the large intestine. Brow is a colour of earthiness, hibernation, nurturing and stability. It helps us get in touch with nature, animal wisdom, and universal intelligence. It protects, supports and gives structure. It provides access to common sense and provides fertility, reliability, nourishment and resilience.

A bientôt,


Ref: The Secret Language of your Body by Inna Segal