I have always been fascinated by crystals. They are beautiful, elegant, unique and powerful. The good news is that you can program any of them into a goal you want to achieve, an emotion you want to shift or a positive new intention you want to set in your life. Intention determines the programmation and energetic changes of crystals. All crystals have programming built into them and much of this programming has to do with maintaining the earth’s energy field. Putting your own intention into your crystal will also activate what is already in it.

Follow the steps below for programmation:

  • Hold or think about the crystal you are going to use.
  • Centre in your heart and clear your mind of any thoughts.
  • Try to get a sense of what the crystal is already programmed to do. As you hold the crystal, ask it to reveal its core programming. It could be healing, manifestation, alignment of energy, transforming, breaking through blockages, etc…
  • Sense any feelings, thoughts, experiences, people, or obstacles that have been compromising your energetic boundaries. Concentrate on guilt, shame, anger, resentment and blame.
  • Release these negative feelings, allowing your own spirit or the Divine to flush them out of your system and your spiritual boundaries.
  • Now ask the Divine to completely cleanse you and this crystal of all intentions, decisions, or energies that might keep you entangled in an unhealthy pattern.
  • Reflect on the new intention you would like to set. You can use the core programming of the crystal that you sensed earlier or create your own. Sense, feel, visualise, or otherwise fully experience this new intention.
  • Create a ball of white light in your mind’s eyes and visualise this intention, along with the full sensation of it, being inserted into the crystal. Feel this new intention flow from your heart down through your arms and hands and into the crystal.
  • Acknowledge that this crystal now carries the energy of your intention and that holding, carrying, or thinking about the crystal will reenergize your new intention.
  • Believe that the Divine will continue to reach you through this crystal, and in all others areas of your life, as you begin living your newly established engagement.

A bientôt,