My husband has this ability to browse for hours on sport websites and he found this amazing, but not surprising, article about the best football player in the world using Kinesiology as a healing therapy for his injury.  Lionel Messi is being treated by a Kinesiologist. My son wishes I was his therapist !  Check it out below:

“Luis García, a physical trainer and kinesiologist for the Argentine national team, arrived in Barcelona yesterday to begin Lionel Messi’s treatment. The Ballon d’Or holder is already beginning the first stages of the two-month recovery plan outlined yesterday, and García has flown over to personally supervise Messi’s recovery. Leo is expected to return to Argentina with García for rest and recuperation in early December, but the kinesiologist’s immediate flight to Barcelona to treat Messi in the meantime shows just how seriously both Barça and the Argentine national team are taking this injury.”

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